Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reward Yourself

My 4 sisters and I used to post to a private blog, similar to this one. We would track our weight and what we ate and used it to help and encourage each other.  This entry is from September 2008.
I'm having a thought.... I think we should do something to celebrate milestones. For example if we move from the 150's to the 140's, that would be a milestone. Though I don't know how to celebrate without food. What do you all think about that?
Oh, but the milestones should only be counted on a Monday. Otherwise we'd be celebrating them every other day since my weight usually goes up and down and up. Also, thanks for your comments. It's always encouraging to see that someone is watching what I'm eating and is cheering me on. :)
Looking at your food journals I've discovered that I'm a HUGE eater. You all eat half of the amount of food I do. So my question is, Are you charting everything you eat? (Not that you have to. There are no rules on this blog--except that you can't let anyone else read it.) I was just curious.  

The reason I wanted to post this here is that the Milestone idea really worked for me.  I decided to reward myself for each 5 lbs that I lost.  New work out clothes, a pair of jeans (in a smaller size), and a new play list for my Zune were all things I used as motivation.  Anyone else have any ideas that work for you?


  1. Sweet Pork Burrito!! it could be part of your 10 % not so healthy food, right?!

  2. Yes it could, but if I was going to do a reward with food, I'd go for a Farr's Fresh ice cream run.
    And your Sweet Pork Burritos aren't bad for you: black beans, brown rice, whole wheat tortillas. Don't you think they'd still be good on whole wheat?

  3. I will have to try it with brown rice, wheat tortillas and low fat sour cream. I've got all the fixins left over from dinner tonight. I'll have to go get the healthy stuff so I can enjoy the left overs! Wanna do a lunch date tomorrow? Mom's home tomorrow too! We could eat left overs!

  4. I like the idea of clothing rewards. Not only does it feel good to go down a clothing size, but if you buy something you love, you want to continue to be able to fit in it. That's motivation!

  5. I like this idea of rewarding yourself. That would help motivate me.

    P.S. Why is my word verification "nonable". Is it trying to tell me I'll never be able to lose weight???

  6. I'm still trying to figure out what rewards work for me. I literally haven't found one yet, and I've tried new clothes, haircuts, massage, and then a cookie is staring at me, and I get weak!