Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Which lettuce is healthiest?

Go with Romaine! The greener the better! It’s loaded with more Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium and other vitamins than iceberg, green or red leaf lettuces.
Iceberg is the most popular lettuce in the United States, most likely because it ships well and it has a crispness that other types don’t. If you look at the USDA chart below you can see the comparison.
The most nutritious is Romaine, followed by Green Leaf, then Red Leaf, then Butterhead with Iceberg coming in last place.
At my house, we eat Romaine, but we don’t like its giant veins, so I throw those out. If you’re an Iceberg fan, try mixing in some other types. That way you still get the crunch, but you won’t miss out on the nutrients. After all, that’s why you’re having a salad right?!

This chart only rates 5 types of lettuce, but don’t forget arugula, radicchio or endive. You can try those out in the prepackaged lettuce section.
Personally, when I make a salad it always has spinach in it. Spinach beats any type of lettuce for nutrient density, but that’s a post for another day.


  1. Nice chart! I think my favorite is raw baby spinach. Especially if I put strawberries on top.

  2. I always knew iceberg wasn't the greatest but wasn't sure which lettuce was best! Good info! Thanks!
    Oh, and I just taped my fruit and veggie chart to the inside of the pantry door!!

  3. I love spinach too and once you mix it in with other dark green lettuces no one even notices it. Even people who "don't like spinach". Can't do that with iceberg.

  4. Finally I found this chart for comparison....thanks

  5. I have been having this debate with my "red leaf lettuce husband" for years. I've battled for I have this to back it up. thanks