My Story

It seems like I've been trying to lose weight forever without it ever really working.

I want to blame it on having 5 babies in 9 years, but really if I’d been eating a healthy diet, weight wouldn’t have been a problem. My problem with weight began way before that.

In Jr. High I had a Coke and a KitKat every day for lunch. And I limited my ice cream to once a day.;)   I tried NutriSystem when I was 16 or 17 years old.  I weighed between 125-130 lbs and they told me I should weigh 117.

At 130 lbs I tried SlimFast for a while in college. Then I lived on Diet Coke, Cup O’Noodles and Granny B cookies. (You know those big sugar cookies with the pink frosting.)  I did aerobics in the evenings.  I was tired and hungry all the time and got sick a lot. And (surprise!) I didn’t lose any weight.

I weighed 135-140 lbs when I got married at age 25 and wore a size 8 dress.  I kept a few pounds with each pregnancy until I ended up at 156 lbs.  I had no idea what a healthy meal looked like.

Then finally, in October 2009  I read some books about nutrition that really made sense to me.  Knowledge was the key for me.

I started to eat mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  I quit drinking pop.  I avoided processed and fast food.  My focus changed from losing weight to nourishing my body with good real food and the weight just started coming off.  It was weird.  All those years of watching the scale go up and now it just seemed almost easy.

Once I started feeding my body what it needed the pounds dropped.  It wasn’t fast, but it was steady and I felt so good.  Every time I saw the scale go down it motivated me even more.  Not to starve my body, but to feed it.  I eat a lot of food.

It has definitely been worth it.  I didn't realize how bad I felt until I started to feel good.  I know I'll never go back to eating junk again.  I love that I can run 2 or 3 miles now easily.  I love having defined biceps for the first time in my life.  I love not feeling like I need a nap every day.  I have never felt this good in my life.

This blog is for my thoughts, motivation, recipes, ideas and the things I've learned about being healthy.


  1. So nice to "meet" you! I completely get the many-kids-in-few-years deal and I really try to eat "real" foods - so you know I will be back to read more!

  2. I remember those cookies! We would walk up to the corner store in subzero temperatures to get them :)

    You are in such a great place right now with your thinking, and I love it. So many people live to eat instead of the other way around. If they just realized how much more energy they would have if they thought more about what they put into their bodies.

    Keep up the good work with this blog, Vennesa. You are truly inspired.