Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good and Easy Eats giveaway coming soon!

I'm excited to be hosting a giveaway next week.  I just received my pre-release copy of "Good and Easy Eats" by Kim Wilson. It looks so good!  If you're just adding some healthier dishes into your regular menu or if you're completely avoiding all processed foods, I think you'll like this book.

I appreciate that all of Kim's recipes use normal ingredients.  In other "healthy" recipe books I've read, I find that I don't know what some of the ingredients even are, let alone where to buy them!  Kim's recipes use common ingredients to make meals that are nutritious and taste good.

I also like that it's not just recipes.  It's a guide to healthier eating.   I'll be trying a few more of her recipes this week.  Then I'll be giving away a copy to a Good Real Food reader.  Check back on December 5th to enter!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's Wrong With People??!

I wish someone could explain to me why people get so bothered when someone chooses to eat differently than they do.

I buy my 100% whole wheat bread at a bakery outlet. I've been going there maybe twice a month for more than a year. They lady who works there has always been polite and sometimes even friendly. Lately I've been bringing my 4 year old Grace with me.  She's always made it a point to talk to her and last month she gave Grace a small package of expired Zingers.  It bothered me that she didn't ask my permission to give it to her. When we got in the car we talked about healthy food and "sometimes" food.  I said "Do Zingers and donuts make our bodies strong and healthy?"  We talked about that, but the thing that made the biggest impression on Grace was the lady's stained crooked teeth.  She made the connection in her mind that treats from the bakery outlet make your teeth brown and rotten.

And just so you know, we'd already been to the credit union and the pharmacy that morning and they'd given her suckers at both places.  I know they're just trying to be nice.

The next time we went to the bakery outlet, the lady offered her some donuts.  Grace politely said "No, thank you."  And the lady was saying "It's ok! You can have them.  You can eat them later!"  Grace again said "No thank you". I was so proud :)  Then the lady said "Why!?"  And Grace said "I want to be healthy."  The lady did not handle it well. It was weird.  Like she'd been personally offended.  (side note: I should be grateful she didn't say anything about the teeth!)

So this week when we went the lady was smug and snotty.  She didn't say a word to Grace or even look at her. When she rang up my purchases said in a real snotty voice "Do you want a Ding Dong?", holding out 2 of them in her hand.  She didn't even look up.  It was so rude!

This kind of thing from strangers is one thing, but sometimes I get it worse from people who are supposed to be my friends.  It's not like I go around making comments on what everyone else eats.  I eat the way I want to and teach my kids what I know and hope one day that it will catch on.