Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Calling All Chubbies!

 I saw these on Facebook today.  Times have changed!  I don't think the little girl looks all that chubby. Do you? What would they say if they could see us now?  
In the 50's they must have eaten a lot healthier than we do now right? We didn't see June Cleaver with a gallon mug of Diet Coke or feed her kids Lunchables, but we'd have to go back in time a lot further to get back to "real" food.  

Lane Bryant 1952 catalog.

Here are some interesting 1950's food facts:

1950- Gerber started using MSG in their baby foods to make them taste better. (They stopped in 1969)
1952 brought us Cheez Whiz.
1953- Swanson sold the first TV Dinners
1954- Marshmallow Peeps were born.
1955- Green Bean Casserole was invented by Campbell's Soup Company.
1958- Frito Lay acquired the rights to "Ruffles Potato Chips" and Nissin brought us Chikin Ramen.