Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eat The Rainbow

Do you want to do the 5 A Day Challenge with me?  You've heard that you should eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, right?  Well this challenge is even better for you- to eat one fruit or veggie of each color daily.  The National Cancer Institute and the Utah Department of Health have this handy flier.  They've divided the fruits and veggies  into 5 color groups.  Each group contains different phytonutrients which of course have different health benefits.
For example:
The Red Group (think tomatoes and strawberries) contains phytonutrients like lycopene and anthocyanins.  Lycopene reduces breast and skin cancer risks, while anthocyanins reduce your risk of heart attack and Alzheimer's Disease.
The Green Group (broccoli, kiwi & spinach) supplies you with lutein for good vision and cancer fighting indoles.  Carrots and oranges contain beta-carotene and bioflavenoids, both powerful anti-oxidants.  Then there's the Blue/Purple group that can slow the effects of aging and reduce memory loss.  The White Group will boost your immunity and help lower cholesterol and blood pressure because Onions and Garlic contain Allicin. You can click here to download your own nifty copy.  I have one hanging inside my pantry door.  My kids are learning this all with me.
Click here for a pdf of the Colorful Choices Log to help you (or your kids) keep track of your food color choices each day. 


  1. I think that's a good idea to have it posted in your pantry. It's easy to forget to eat your veggies, but not when it's posted in a visible spot. I think I'll print one off to use in our "new" pantry! Cause you know, in 21 days I'll have a pantry of my own again! :)

  2. I'll do it! Thanks for the links :)

  3. I'm doing pretty good today...
    Green - check
    Red - check
    Blue - check
    (I had a 1/2 nuts about berries salad for lunch today.)
    I'll have to work on orange and white, though.

  4. Love your new blog!
    I think I would add "BROWN" for nuts and "CLEAR" for water to my food rainbow. Nuts are so good for you and satisfy hunger. "CLEAR" for water because most of the time when I am digging around in my pantry for food ... I'm really just thirsty! - Taunya