Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 2 of the Detox

Now, that's a lot of green!

Detox Day 22

I've made it to day 22 of the Green Smoothie Girl Detox!  22 days of no sugar, no meat, no dairy and nothing processed.  Until now I don't think I've ever gone 22 days without chocolate and it's really not as bad as I thought it would be.
In this last phase we still drink a lot of green smoothie every day ( 2 to 2 1/2 quarts), but she is also adding in solid and cooked foods.  My favorites this week are guacamole and tortilla chips made from organic corn tortillas and a black bean, tomato, quinoa salad with dressing made of lime, olive oil and maple syrup.  I've also found a new breakfast of millet and blueberries flavored with fresh orange juice, coconut milk and sweetened with real maple syrup that I will eat again after the cleanse.
It's been nice to kind of reset.  The best part about it is that I feel great and I have NO GUILT about what I'm eating.  Before, I knew that I needed to be eating better, but I wasn't.  Now I know that I'm giving my body time to detoxify without having to work at cleaning out all the junk I was eating (sugar, salt, pesticides).  I have lots of energy and I've lost between 6-7 lbs and haven't had any sugar cravings.  About halfway through I was really craving Japanese or Mexican food and I really wanted something crunchy and salty, but that passed.
So, 4 more days and then I have to decide how much of this I want to keep up; what parts of it I want to incorporate into my life.  If you're looking to do a detox she is doing it again in January.  If you do it when she does, you can have access to a forum for questions, answers and motivation.  She also sends a daily email with a video on things like skin brushing, changing your fat set point, essential oils, supplements, etc.  Or you can just buy the manual and do it on your own.  I couldn't have done it on my own though.  It was really hard at first.  I had 3 family members and 2 friends doing it with me and it was essential to have someone to call or text when things got tough or just to know that someone else was doing it too.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Green Smoothie Girl's Detox

        Last week I started the Green Smoothie Girl's 26 day detox.  Each phase of the detox has a different objective or focuses on a different organ to cleanse.
Phase 1 gradually reduces the calories you take in while keeping the bulk, then reduces the bulk in days 5-7.  You are resting your organs from heavy digestion and detoxing the colon. Your caloric intake dips down during the cleanse but never long enough to put your body into starvation mode.  You do lose some weight, but that's not the point of the detox. 
        One phase is the kidney cleanse and then liver and gall bladder.  Lots of watermelon. Then smoothies, green salads, veggie juice, or anything you've liked that you've eaten in the cleanse so far.
       The last phase adds foods back in like more grains in the meals (guacamole, salads, soups).
       Today is day 5 and I will be drinking 3 quarts of green smoothie.  These smoothies aren't sweet at all.  But I am so excited to finally start adding fruit back into my diet.  We just finished 4 days of absolutely no sugar, not even from fruit. In 4 days I've lost 4.8 lbs.  I think day 3 was the hardest for me.  Headaches and weakness, but today I'm feeling good.