Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Know What You're Eating

image courtesy of atasteofheaventreats.com
Remember when I said I had no more willpower than anyone else?  Here’s your proof!   For my birthday last year, my coworkers and I celebrated with one of my favorite things: cheesecake.  I had a piece at the office and they sent me home with the rest.  I ate another after dinner that night.
Here is my blog entry for that day:
Today I followed Jacque's example and decided I'd find out how many fat grams were in the 2, yes TWO, pieces of cheesecake I ate today. 32 grams per slice. That's 64 total fat grams folks! And 1020 calories I might add. Luckily, it was still light outside when I realized what a pig I am. So I went for a little run. I ran 3/4 of a mile and walked 3/4 of a mile. I feel a little better now, But I'd feel a whole lot better if I'd looked at those fat grams before I'd made the decision to eat that second piece.
If I would have known how many fat grams and calories were in the cheesecake, there is NO WAY I would have eaten 2 pieces.   It wouldn’t even have been a temptation. The moral of this story is:  Know what you’re eating!  With a little bit of knowledge you don’t need willpower.

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