Monday, August 5, 2013

Green Smoothie Girl's Detox

        Last week I started the Green Smoothie Girl's 26 day detox.  Each phase of the detox has a different objective or focuses on a different organ to cleanse.
Phase 1 gradually reduces the calories you take in while keeping the bulk, then reduces the bulk in days 5-7.  You are resting your organs from heavy digestion and detoxing the colon. Your caloric intake dips down during the cleanse but never long enough to put your body into starvation mode.  You do lose some weight, but that's not the point of the detox. 
        One phase is the kidney cleanse and then liver and gall bladder.  Lots of watermelon. Then smoothies, green salads, veggie juice, or anything you've liked that you've eaten in the cleanse so far.
       The last phase adds foods back in like more grains in the meals (guacamole, salads, soups).
       Today is day 5 and I will be drinking 3 quarts of green smoothie.  These smoothies aren't sweet at all.  But I am so excited to finally start adding fruit back into my diet.  We just finished 4 days of absolutely no sugar, not even from fruit. In 4 days I've lost 4.8 lbs.  I think day 3 was the hardest for me.  Headaches and weakness, but today I'm feeling good.


  1. AH. That sounds like what I go through when I go on my no sugar/low carb diet. I hate the headaches and weakness. I’ve decided I do better just eating like I always do and just adding exercise. If I could only figure out a way to get the motivation to actual do the exercise part.

  2. i drink her green smoothie recipe every day. Is the green smoothie recipe in this detox different in that it has no fruit? Thanks

    1. Peggy, the first phase of the cleanse her green smoothie is just greens, lemon, water and stevia. Then later in the cleanse you can add fruit to the smoothie.