Monday, April 23, 2012

Trying something new - Jicama

I tried something new last week.  Jicama.  I had no idea what it would even look like when I went to find it in the produce section. It's not pretty, but in the right recipe, it wasn't bad at all.
I tried this recipe for Jicama Salad With Mango and Dried Blueberries from
picture & recipe from
 I also ordered Green Smoothie Girl's Twelve Steps to Whole Foods Manual.  I needed something to get me motivated again.  I've been wanting it for a while.  It's working.  I'm back to eating almost 100% good real food.  That 3 pound weight gain I mentioned a few months ago turned into 7 pounds.  But after a week of good eating it's back down to 3 pounds.  When I'm eating right my body naturally drops the weight, I have more energy and I feel so much better.

ps.  If you have any more jicama recipes, send them my way.


  1. I tried Jicama here in Mexico for the first time. It just had lime juice and salt on it. Not too bad. They also put chile on it, just as they put it on EVERYTHING else here, but I didn't like that.

  2. I bought the GreenSmoothieGirl manual last week also. That is funny we are on the same brain wave. :) (I just did the download version and I read it on my kindle.) I haven't tried Jicama, maybe I need to.

  3. Also, my roommate eats it with peanut butter. Kinda weird, but it's actually not that bad. But then again anything with PB is good!

    1. Vegetables with peanut butter is always weird Jaime.:)

  4. I must live under a rock. I've never even heard of jicama.

  5. The first time I had jicama was in a BBQ chicken salad, and I loved it. Try that maybe? Lettuce, corn, black beans, tomato, jicama, barbecued chicken dices/shreds, baked tortilla strips, and a little ranch and BBQ sauce. So delicious.