Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Percentage of Your Diet is Fruits and Vegetables?

  The Standard American Diet consists of:
* 42% Dairy and Animal Products
* 51% Refined and Processed Foods and only
* 7%  Fruits and Vegetables!

       No wonder so many people are dying of heart disease, cancer, immune diseases and diabetes!  It makes me crazy to see people eating themselves to death!  If you’re serious about being healthy you need to do more than just add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  These foods must be the main focus of the diet itself!

        At least half your plate should be phyto-chemical rich fruits and vegetables.  Make sure to add some beans and healthy grains.  And only then is it ok to add in animal products or an occasional sugary treat.

         I watched a show on DFH last week called Half Ton Dad. Holy Cow! I couldn't look away. That guy was eating 30,000 calories a day.  You watch those shows and you walk away either feeling inspired to be healthy or pretty good about your lazy self, because hey, at least I'm not that guy. 

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  1. Half Ton Dad?!!! Oh my! This is a great reminder! And summertime is so easy to start a veggie habit if someone is trying to. There's so much delicious bounty!