Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gym Just Got Really Crowded

This is the time of year when all the treadmills are taken at the gym and the Zumba classes are filled with new bodies.

Two years ago I was one of those bodies.  155+ lbs and ready to try (again) to slim down.  I look at all the new faces there and I wonder how many of them will still be coming in March.  It seems like that's when the treadmills start to free up.  Those New Year's Resolutions to "lose some weight" are forgotten.

Some days I want all these new people to just go home because I've been waiting for a treadmill for 10 minutes and I'd really like to get my workout in before I have to pick kids up from preschool and kindergarten.  But we won't talk about those days.

Instead let's talk about the days I wish I could encourage them and say "I did it and so can you!  Just keep coming. Don't give up!  You're going to feel great a year from now!"

But I don't say anything to them. 
Because then they'd think I was some crazy woman at the gym, and they'd stop coming.
And the treadmills would be free again.
Hey, I think I may be on to something.


  1. LOL. If you go at 4:30am, there is always a free treadmill :)

  2. Amy, I used to go at 5:30am (my gym opens at 5:15) and they were all taken! It made me crazy because I would drag my butt out of bed at 5:20 and drive there in 10 degree weather and wait!

  3. I was reading that there is such a thing as "gym ettiquette" and that you shouldn't stay on the treadmill more than 30 minutes if the gym is crowded, I totally agree with that.
    P.S. My treadmill broke yesterday, maybe I should come stand in line for a treadmill at the gym with you, or we could share. I'll let you run in front. :)

  4. I started laughing the minute I read the title of this post. Wish we were neighbors then you could drag me to the gym with me and be my motivational coach!

  5. Jac- Thanks for letting me run in front. Would you be carrying Max on your back in a babysling? Or how would this work?
    Heather- I wish we were neighbors too. It would be a good time!! Our kids are all right ages too.