Tuesday, September 28, 2010

21 Year Reunion

You know what's a real bummer? I lost the weight AFTER my 20 year high school reunion. Can we have a 21 Year Reunion? Cause now I'm ready.


  1. LOL. That's a bummer. I've got mine coming next summer. If I can't lose 10lbs by next summer then I'm really bad at losing weight. I should be able to lose 1 lb per month, right??

  2. Ha! My last reunion I was 8 month pregnant. I practically rolled there. Hey, at least I had an excuse for my weight. Most of the others -- mostly the men! -- couldn't say that :)

  3. Dangit!
    (You don't really want to have a 21 year reunion. Remember that YOU are the one that has to plan it Ms. Senior Class Officer.)